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Welcome Applicants : Guidelines for institutes wishing to become a Remote Center of IIT Bombay
In June-July 2012, IIT Bombay created history by conducting a mega-workshop on Introduction to Research Methodologies, planned to train 10,000 teachers at hundreds of Remote centers spread across the country. The workshop was conducted in the distance mode, using A-VIEW software and Internet, as part of the National Mission on Education through ICT (MHRD, Govt. of India). More than 8500 teachers participated from over 165 RCs.

IIT Bombay is planning to scale up the project by conducting more such mega workshops in the near future. The number of existing IIT Bombay Remote Centers is inadequate at the moment, to accommodate the large number of potential participants.

A Remote Center acts as the intermediary between IIT Bombay and the participating teachers during the workshop. It is usually a reputed engineering college, with high academic standards, excellent infrastructure and good faculty with expertise and experience of handling workshop subjects, to guide the participants in Lab work.

IIT Bombay is looking to expand the number of Remote Centers in a big way, for the conduct of these workshops. IIT Kharagpur will now be our partner institution. We invite institutes/colleges to join us in the mission to empower teachers across the nation, and to become Remote Centers of IIT Bombay for future workshops. Read More About Project Background and Methodology

What is a Remote Center?

A Remote Center (RC) is a place from where the participants/people can interact with the instructor (faculty at IIT) who is conducting the course or delivering a lecture from IIT Bombay. The live lectures are transmitted at Remote Centers using A-VIEW software.

  • The Remote Center (RC) is usually a reputed engineering college with good facility and infrastructure.
  • It acts as a host for the virtual classroom environment created by A-VIEW.
  • The participant can attend the workshop in a RC close to his/her place. The RC minimizes the logistics of travel, boarding and lodging.

What is needed to become a Remote Center?

The institute wishing to become a remote center for IIT Bombay for the conducting the workshops, needs to have the following facilities :

  • It should be centrally located with a number of engineering colleges in the area, so as to attract a large number of participants.
  • It should have a well equipped classroom and labs with broadband internet connection, for a minimum of 50 participants.
  • Backup of internet at venue if main internet connectivity fails due to any issue.
  • The classroom and labs should be equipped with overhead projector with minimum 12x9 feet screen.
  • The venue on where workshop will be conducted, should be equipped with professional audio system.
  • UPS to sustain Power if main line fails due to any issue.
  • Lodging and boarding facilities for participants, either in hostel or in a place near the campus*.
  • *This is not mandatory, especially if the Remote Center is in a large city with many local participants.
Faculty Center Coordinators are appointed at each RC, to handle the technology infrastructure and other operational logistics i.e taking care of common logistics arrangements such as classroom, audio-visual equipment, and arrangements for stay and food for participating teachers. Additionally, each subject specific workshop will require another faculty member to be nominated as the Workshop Coordinator for that subject while coordinator workshop. The workshop coordinator will be responsible for liaison with IIT Bombay faculty for that subject, and will conduct the lab and tutorial sessions at that RC. Some other nominations will also be required for the smooth functioning of the workshop. More Details

A-VIEW Hardware/Software Requirements

The workshop will be transmitted using the AVIEW software which will require the equipment and bandwidth described below :

Internet Bandwidth (Mandatory) : Minimum 2 Mbps stable and dedicated internet connection without proxy network is the mandatory requirement, the required software does not work in a proxy server network. This dedicated internet line must not be shared to other computers of your classrooms/labs, it must be used to connect only to the computer in which A-VIEW software will be installed.

Check bandwidth here (If you get the reading for both download and upload bandwidth more than 2 Mbps, you are eligible)

Along with this dedicated internet bandwidth, your institute will require the following :

  • A well configured Personal Computer (Core i5 and above processor) with minimum 4GB RAM. (It should have Windows Operating System)
  • An optical zoom-in/out video camera/handy-cam with HDMI/Composite AV out interface along with tripod.
  • (Web-cam is not suitable for large classroom)
  • To connect the above camera to the A-VIEW PC, an extra video capture card will be required (We recommend you to use any one of the following) :
    • One HDMI input AverMedia video capture card or equivalent - for high defination digital video signal.
    • One composite video input ViewCast Osprey video capture card or equivalent - for composite video signal.
  • At least one professional wireless mike/microphone. (The microphone of headphone or a podium mike will not work efficiently for a large audience)
  • One professional audio mixer with a feature of AUX OUT.
  • (Ahuja made mixer does not fulfill our requirement, please use professional mixer i.e Allen Heath, Yamaha or equivalent)
  • One professional audio amplifier with two high watt speakers. (Don't use an amplifier which has inbuilt mixer)
  • (Ahuja made amplifier does not fulfill our requirement, please use professional amplifier i.e Studiomaster, Crown, Bosch or equivalent)
  • A-VIEW Classroom v3.7.11663 software. (We will provide a download link in the mail when you will be allotted testing slot)

If your institute meets the above requirements

The head of the institute, or a faculty member designated to work as Center Coordinator, should download the NOC & RCC Nomination Form

Print the NOC & RCC Nomination Letter on the Institute Letter Head, fill up all correct entries by pen, do not try to generate these docs by computer printing, get attest by head of the institute, scan and save in pdf file format. (Do not modify original NOC & RCC nomination Letter, just fill up all the required entries. Use 200dpi for scanning the attested docs, save in pdf file format and keep the file size limit below 250KB.)

If NOC and RCC Nomination Letter are ready, Register Remote Center Request Here

If you have already applied a request but didn't get any response from us, Check Current Status of Registered Request

Institute which is already a Remote Center of IIT Bombay, there is no need to register again, View List of Existing Remote Centers of IIT Bombay